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Canadian Slavonic Papers

Editor's introduction

Celebrating 65 volumes of CSP/RCS: remarks on our past success and future prospects / À l'occasion du 65e volume de la RCS/CSP: quelques remarques sur nos succès passés et nos perspectives

James Krapfl


Mixed-race Pushkin: racial ambiguity and "The Lady Peasant"

Emily Wang

"Wounded" in revolution: the postwar intelligentsia and their self-distinction in Czechoslovak cinema (1956–1968)

Barış A. Yörümez

Special section: Ukraine's Euromaidan and Revolution of Dignity, ten years later

Introduction: Ukraine's Euromaidan and Revolution of Dignity, ten years later

James Krapfl and Elias Kühn von Burgsdorff

The 2013 student strike and the birth of the Euromaidan

Yevhenii Safarians

Symbolic revolution on the Maidan: the case of the "iolka"

Kateryna Romanova

The future memorial to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred in Kyiv: a territory of memory

Lesia Onyshko

Uphill from the Maidan: centres of power in Kyiv's symbolic geography

Serhy Yekelchyk

Loyalty and patriotism: the role of Crimean Tatars in Ukraine's nation-building project

Mariia Shynkarenko

Second World War memory as an instrument of counter-revolution in Putin's Russia

Sydney Shiller


A roundtable on John-Paul Himka's Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust: OUN and UPA's Participation in the Destruction of Ukrainian Jewry, 1941–1944

James Krapfl, Piotr J. Wróbel, Paweł Markiewicz, Marco Carynnyk, and John-Paul Himka

Historiographical note

Church union: the quandaries over acceptance of the Union of Brest (1595–96)

Frank E. Sysyn

Meeting report

The decolonization of education and research in Belarus and Ukraine: theoretical challenges and practical tasks

Valeria Korablyova

Review articles

New research on religion in Ukraine

Heather J. Coleman

Studying east European politics in the context of European politics

Ela Rossmiller

Book Reviews


Vladimir Sorokin's discourses: a companion, by Dirk Uffelmann

Nicolas Dreyer


Dostoevsky at 200: the novel in modernity, edited by Katherine Bowers and Kate Holland

Irina Reyfman

The hot summer of 1968, a novel, by Viliam Klimáček

Charles Sabatos

Late tsarist Russia, 1881-1913, by Beryl Williams

J.-Guy Lalande

Literature and film from East Europe's forgotten "Second World": essays of invitation, by Gordana P. Crnković

Daniel Webster Pratt

Marriage, household, and home in modern Russia: from Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin, by Barbara Alpern Engel

Emma Friedlander

The Polish Catholic Church under German occupation: the Reichsgau Wartheland, 1939-1945, by Jonathan Huener

Lauren Faulkner Rossi

Russia and the Dutch Republic, 1566-1725: a forgotten friendship, by Kees Boterbloem

Hans van Koningsbrugge

Stalinism at war: the Soviet Union in World War II, by Mark Edele

Alexander G. Lovelace

The tsar, the empire, and the nation: dilemmas of nationalism in Russia's western borderlands, 1905-1915, edited by Darius Staliūnas and Yoko Aoshima

Alexander Semyonov

Underground modernity: urban poetics in east-central Europe, pre- and post-1989, by Alfrun Kliems

Ann Komaromi

World War II, uncontrived and unredacted: testimonies from Ukraine, edited by Vakhtang Kipiani

Sandra Joy Russell


Ayn Rand and the Russian intelligentsia: the origins of an icon of the American Right, by Derek Offord

Robert Genter

Companion to Victor Pelevin, edited by Sofya Khagi

Kirsten Tarves

Geographies of nationhood: cartography, science, and society in the Russian Imperial Baltic, by Catherine Gibson

Tess Megginson

The Holocaust in Romania: the destruction of Jews and Roma under the Antonescu regime, 1940-1944, by Radu Ioanid

Grant Harward

The Holodomor and the origins of the Soviet man: reading the testimony of Anastasia Lysyvets, edited by Vitalii Ogiienko

Karolina Koziura

In the labyrinth of the KGB: Ukraine's intelligentsia in the 1960s-1970s, by Olga Bertelsen

Ivan Jaworsky

Internationalist aesthetics: China and early Soviet culture, by Edward Tyerman

Blaine Chiasson

Ireland and Ukraine: studies in comparative imperial and national history, edited by Stephen Velychenko, Joseph Ruane, and Ludmilla Hrynevych

Piotr J. Wróbel

Kin majorities: identity and citizenship in Crimea and Moldova, by Eleanor Knott

Jennifer R. Cash

Kutuzov: a life in war and peace, by Alexander Mikaberidze

David R. Stone

Liubimye sovietskie fil′my na uroke RKI: uchebnoe posobie, by Natallia Viktorovna Kabiak

Viktor Peppard

Meanwhile, in Russia... Russian Internet memes and viral video, by Eliot Borenstein

Precious N. Chatterje-Doody

The moderate Bolshevik: Mikhail Tomsky from the factory to the Kremlin, 1880-1936, by Charters Wynn

Erik van Ree

On the verge of history: life stories of rural women from Serbia, Romania, and Hungary, 1920-2020, by Izabella Agárdi

Zsuzsanna Varga

Resurrecting the Jew: nationalism, philosemitism, and Poland's Jewish revival, by Geneviève Zubrzycki

Lizy Mostowski

The Stalin cult in East Germany and the making of the postwar Soviet empire, 1945-1961, by Alexey Tikhomirov

Jennifer McKay

Stalin's library: a dictator and his books, by Geoffrey Roberts

Peter Whitewood

To make a village Soviet: Jehovah's Witnesses and the transformation of a postwar Ukrainian borderland, by Emily B. Baran

Julie deGraffenried


Chekhov in context, edited by Yuri Corrigan

Lyudmila Parts

A concise history of Serbia, by Dejan Djokić

Nick Miller