Current Issue

Canadian Slavonic Papers

Forum: Approaches to Decolonization

Introduction: Decolonizing minds in the "Slavic area," "Slavic area studies," and beyond

James Krapfl

Russophone literature of Ukraine: self-decolonization, deterritorialization, reclamation

Alex Averbuch

Against academic "resourcification": collaboration as delinking from extractivist "area studies" paradigms

Victoria Donovan

Gate-crashing "European" and "Slavic" area studies: can Ukrainian studies transform the fields?

Oksana Dudko

No natural colonization: the early Soviet school of historical anti-colonialism

Alexey Golubev

Phantoms of colonialism: Polish-Haitian connections in today’s media and culture

Agnieszka Jezyk

Teaching Russian studies in the wake of the war in Ukraine

Victor Peppard

De-occupation or (de-)colonization? Challenges for Crimea’s future

Maksym Sviezhentsev & Martin-Oleksandr Kisly

Book Reviews

Liberal ideas in tsarist Russia: from Catherine the Great to the Russian Revolution, by Vanessa Rampton (2020)

Aleksandr Korobeinikov

Catherine the Great and the culture of celebrity in the eighteenth century, by Ruth Pritchard Dawson (2021)

Kelsey Rubin-Detlev

Eastern Christians in the Habsburg Monarchy, edited by John-Paul Himka and Franz A. J. Szabo (2021)

Scott Berg

The estate origins of democracy in Russia: from imperial bourgeoisie to post-communist middle class, by Tomila V. Lankina (2021)

Dmitrii Kofanov

If this is a woman: studies on women and gender in the Holocaust, edited by Denisa Nešťáková, Katja Grosse-Sommer, Borbála Klacsmann, and Jakub Drábik (2021)

Lauren Fedewa

Language contact in the territory of the former Soviet Union, edited by Diana Forker and Lenore A. Grenoble (2021)

Ganna Pletnyova

Self-conscious realism: metafiction and the nineteenth-century Russian novel, by Margarita Vaysman (2021)

Katherine Bowers

Belarus: prospects of a middle power, by Piotra P. Murzionak (2022)

Katsiaryna Lozka

Comics and nation: power, pop culture, and political transformation in Poland, by Ewa Stańczyk (2022)

Sean Eedy

Culture from the slums: punk rock in East and West Germany, by Jeff Hayton (2022)

Jake P. Smith

Ingredients of change: the history and culture of food in modern Bulgaria, by Mary C. Neuburger (2022)

Albena Shkodrova

Racism in modern Russia: from the Romanovs to Putin, by Eugene M. Avrutin (2022)

Lauren Woodard

A short history of the Russian Revolution, rev. ed., by Geoffrey Swain (2022)

Christopher J. Ward

The Soviet suppression of academia: the case of Konstantin Azadovsky, by Petr A. Druzhinin (2022)

Kevin Riehle