Current Issue

Canadian Slavonic Papers

The Feelings of Progress: Peripheral Temporalities in Late Socialism


Tatiana Voronina and Benjamin Kaelin

Space and time in the socialist countryside: all-Union anniversaries in Vologda rural schools during the 1960s and 1970s

Tatiana Voronina

The rustic turn during late socialism and the popular movement against Soviet rule

Violeta Davoliūtė and Odeta Rudling

Invading the void: social time production as a developmental tool in the late Soviet periphery

Anna Sokolova


Trains of thought: narrative foreshadowing and predictive processing in Anna Karenina

Kamila Walker and Antonina Harbus


My past and thoughts (with apologies to Alexander Herzen)

N. G. O. Pereira

Book Reviews

Subir la victoire: essor et chute de l’intelligentsia libérale en Russie (1987–1993), by Guillaume Sauvé (2019)

Frances Nethercott

The art and science of making the New Man in early 20th-century Russia, edited by Nikolai Krementsov and Yvonne Howell (2021)

Christopher Stolarski

Eternal memory: monuments and memorials of the Holodomor, by Wiktoria Kudela-Świątek (2021)

Nicolas Dreyer

Goncharov in the twenty-first century, edited by Ingrid Kleespies and Lyudmila Parts (2021)

Galya Diment

Protected children, regulated mothers: gender and the “Gypsy question” in state care in postwar Hungary, 1949–1956, by Eszter Varsa (2021)

Paul Hanebrink

Russian utopia: a century of revolutionary possibilities, by Mark D. Steinberg (2021)

G. M. Hamburg

Bridling dictators: rules and authoritarian politics, by Graeme Gill (2022)

Raymond Taras

But I live: three stories of child survivors of the Holocaust, edited by Charlotte Schallié (2022)

Ewa Stańczyk

Exodus and its aftermath: Jewish refugees in the wartime Soviet interior, by Albert Kaganovitch (2022)

Katherine R. Jolluck

Religion, ethnonationalism, and antisemitism in the era of the two world wars, edited by Kevin Spicer and Rebecca Carter-Chand (2022)

John Milloy

Verwaltete Vielfalt: die königlichen Tafelgüter in Polen-Litauen, 1697–1763, by Peter Collmer (2022)

John D. Stanley