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Canadian Slavonic Papers

A Note From the Editor

Heather Coleman

In Memoriam

Janet Hyer (1958–2020)

Tracy McDonald

Maria Paula (Paŭlina) Survilla (1964–2020)

Zina Gimpelevich

Special section: reimagining the diocese

Reimagining the diocese: administrative, sacred, and imperial space in the Russian Empire

Irina Paert & James M. White

Diocese and parish in the Russian Empire: finances and bureaucracy, 1850–1917

Alexey Beglov

Structural violence in the confessional state: the creation of a Crimean diocese, 1768–1860

Mara Kozelsky

Sacred spaces and imperial boundaries on Catherine II’s southern frontier

Gregory Bruess

A family affair? Post-imperial Estonian Orthodoxy and its relationship with the Russian Mother Church, 1917–23

Irina Paert

Omsk bishops and spiritualized travel amidst settler colonization of Siberia, 1890–1917

Aileen Friesen

The parish clergy of Perm’ diocese: sociocultural change in the nineteenth century

Anna V. Mangileva

Russian Orthodox monasticism in Riga diocese, 1881–1917

James M. White


“Networks of conceptual blends in Wisława Szymborska’s “Under a Certain Little Star”

Kamila Walker & Antonina Harbus

Symposium: Orthodoxy and Autocephaly in Ukraine

Orthodoxy and autocephaly in Ukraine: editor’s introduction

Heather Coleman

Explaining Ukrainian autocephaly: politics, history, ecclesiology, and the future

Nicholas Denysenko

Shoulda, coulda, woulda – missed opportunities, lost chances, bad options for the Moscow Patriarchate

Thomas Bremer

The autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine: its impact outside of Ukraine

Radu Bordeianu

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine on the inter-Orthodox agenda at Amman: the dynamics of ecclesiastical recognition

Andrii Krawchuk

The Patriarchate of Constantinople: the Mother Church of the modern Orthodox autocephalous churches

Jaroslaw Buciora

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) and the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC): a meeting after the tomos

Anatolii Babynskyi

Orthodoxy on the ground: how to deal with religion in conditions of armed conflict

Tetiana Kalenychenko

Reflections on resolving problems in the Ukrainian church crisis

Nicholas Denysenko

Ukrainian autocephaly: the ramifications of Constantinople’s tomos

Frank E. Sysyn

Book Reviews

Reclaiming the personal: oral history in post-socialist Europe

Frances Pine

Tsar and Sultan: Russian encounters with the Ottoman Empire

Denis Vovchenko

Red famine: Stalin’s war on Ukraine

David R. Marples

Intimate violence: anti-Jewish pogroms on the eve of the Holocaust

Max Bergholz

Taxes and trust: from coercion to compliance in Poland, Russia and Ukraine

Gerald M. Easter

Smoking under the Tsars: a history of tobacco in Imperial Russia

J-Guy Lalande

Nationalism, identity and statehood in post-Yugoslav Montenegro

Claudia Lastro

In search of the true Russia: the provinces in contemporary nationalist discourse

Alison Rowley

Wickham Steed: greatest journalist of his times

Alison Rowley

Life is elsewhere: symbolic geography in the Russian provinces, 1800–1917

Katherine Bowers

The stuff of soldiers: a history of the Red Army in World War II through objects

Alexey Golubev

Ivan Franko and his community

Heather Coleman

Michael Romanov: brother of the last Tsar, diaries and letters 1916–1918

Carolyn Harris

Letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor

Tamara Trojanowska, Joanna Niżyńska & Przemysław Czapliński

John D. Stanley Responds

John D. Stanley