Association canadienne d'études ukrainiennes

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The Canadian Association for Ukrainian Studies (CAUS) was created on the basis of the Conference on Ukrainian Studies (CUF), which had a long standing relationship with the CAS. A poll—conducted among the CUF in the fall of 2000—resulted in 91.5% of participating respondents voting to create the CAUS as an autonomous affiliate of the CAS. In 2002 there was broad participation by Ukrainianists in numerous panels of the CAS at its annual conference, which was being held at the University of Toronto. During this occasion the CAUS was officially constituted and Roman Senkus (CIUS Toronto Office) was elected its first president. In May 2011 Natalia Pylypiuk was elected the new CAUS president.

Other members of the CAUS executive include: Olga Andriewsky (Trent U), Andrij Makuch (CIUS, U of Toronto), Myroslav Shkandrij (U of Manitoba), Bohdan Kordan (U of Saskatchewan), Zenon Kohut (CIUS, U of Alberta), Bohdan Harasymiw (U of Calgary), Maryna Romanets (U of Northern British Columbia), Serhy Yekelchyk (U of Victoria) and Maxim Tarnawsky (U of Toronto).

The official organ of the CAUS is East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies, a scholarly, peer-reviewed, online periodical, published by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS). EWJUS is an open access journal, so all its publications are available for free and without subscription:

EWJUS succeeds the previously published Journal of Ukrainian Studies, which appeared between 1976 and 2012 under the aegis of the CIUS. 

To join the CAUS, membership in the CAS is required. For more information, see CAS membership page.